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<3 Glass Hearts <3

Hello hello, and welcome to Glass Hearts!

This site will mostly be used for personal writing and for hoarding gifs and links I enjoy, at least until I get a better handle on coding. It will probably also be permanently under construction.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the games and other cool things I have curated on my links page :) I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!

Current Plans:

  • finish collections page-double check sources
  • outline shrines page
  • revamp links page
a partially unwound ball of yarn divides the webpage. At the left end of the divider sits a playful cat, and at the right end are three unsuspecting mice


04/27/2023: new links page layout

04/19/2023: many site-wide updates this time! Added a blog page and dream journal page. Changed homepage layout (predictably)

04/11/2023: yet MORE meddling with the homepage layout. I will never be happy and I will never stop

04/06/2023: aesthetic changes to homepage, updates to nav bar

04/02/2023: added music player & updated links page layout

04/01/2023 added "links" page! Design-wise the page is pretty barebones, but further updates forthcoming!

03/28/2023: added an "about" page!

03/27/2023: updated homepage for the first time :) mostly made aesthetic improvements and cleaned up code

03/25/2023: website created!