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I am Sisyphus and this homepage is my rock

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Welcome to my digital home. My name is Bee, and I think we'll make great friends. Do I keep the insect metaphor going all the time? No; sometimes I feel like a machine, or a ghost. Sometimes I don't feel like anything at all. What about you? Are you entirely human, or something else?

I've collected all kinds of games and essays for you to look at on my Links page, and I have some personal writing and journaling on my Blog page as well. I truly hope you enjoy your time here :::)

Site Updates:

06/17/2023: Collections Page added!

06/07/2023: new page for my cats! Linked on the homepage (cat button) and on the about page

06/06/2023: big changes! Total revamp to a Windows XP style since I figured out how to do that finally. Added a few new pages in the blog section as well

04/27/2023: new links page layout

04/19/2023: many site-wide updates this time! Added a blog page and dream journal page. Changed homepage layout (predictably)

04/11/2023: yet MORE meddling with the homepage layout. I will never be happy and I will never stop

04/06/2023: aesthetic changes to homepage, updates to nav bar

04/02/2023: added music player & updated links page layout

04/01/2023 added "links" page! Design-wise the page is pretty barebones, but further updates forthcoming!

03/28/2023: added an "about" page!

03/27/2023: updated homepage for the first time :) mostly made aesthetic improvements and cleaned up code

03/25/2023: website created!

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