yknow, like nya?
*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*

--- KITTIEZ!!!!11!1! ---

Cali and Buttercup! My angels, my bastards, my little fuzzy girls. They are so silly and all they do is sleep and play in the sink and stick their little heads in cups. They are helping me code this page rn as we speak (read: sleeping on my legs and sitting on my night table, respectively).


CALI >:3c

Yes, she is a calico and we named her Cali, ik ik. It was her shelter name and it just kind of stuck. She's carefree and sunny like a Cali girl :) Some of her favorite hobbies are massacring her froggie toy, running up ladders, pushing open the bathroom door, and biting my legs. She is a brave and prolific hunter and protects my family from any bug foolish enough to enter our home (except ants, but I can't blame her for that). When she gets sleepy, she likes to curl up on your lap or perhaps lay across your kneecaps. You can pick her up and hug her any time and she won't even mind; sometimes she'll even give your nose a little kiss :)

BUTTERCUP (^-.-^) zzz...

Buttercup is sooooo tiny and fuzzy and if she trusts you she'll let you rub her fluffy little tummy, which is a joy none of you can understand bc she only loves ME hahaha. Some of her favorite hobbies are lazily birdwatching out the window, napping on every blanket in the house for quality check purposes (I assume), and running right up to you and SLAMMING her forehead into your hand for scratches. In fact, she loves scratches so much that she's been known to slap you if you dare to get up before she's done being petted. In all seriousness tho, Buttercup was a street cat before we adopted her, so I am grateful that she's comfortable around humans and seeks us out for interaction :) Now she has a safe home where she can sleep all day and get all the scratches she likes.


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