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-- links page! --

these are an assembly of links to nostalgic archived websites I found through the wayback machine, current webpages I like, essays and videos I enjoy, etc

archived websites:

click this link to visit the archived 2004 Cool Math gamed page

CoolMath.com games page circa September 26, 2004. The pinnacle of

website design

click this link to visit the archived 2008 It's My Life game page

It's My Life, PBS Kids Go circa september 13, 2008. Some games are

broken without flash player, but many still work without it!

neocities websites:

sadgrl online- webmastery tutorials and links, layouts and more
yesterweb- creative space which encourages web development
cinni.net- super cute personal page, links to cinni's useful secondary websites
99 gif shop- gifs gifs gifs gifs (one of cinni's pages)
Laika's Lonely Planet- beautiful prose, melancholy atmosphere, journaling site
Coffeebug- hypnospace outlaw, delightful personal details
Pochemuchka - socialist commentary, personal journals, peaceful atmosphere
Key's Klubhouse- SO many creative projects and pages, incredible graphics library
White Desert- surreal horror website, collection of games, ARGs, videos, etc
Nukafurbs- the creativity... the passion... the furby archives...
Hypnagogic Archive- in-character collection of horror short stories and videos
joppiesaus- PLEASE visit joppiesaus and their cat

websurfing and coding resources:

  • patorjk.com -ASCII font creator
  • Dither It! -website that reduces the number of colors in an image. Ideally this makes the file size smaller. Also makes images look deep fried and crunchy 8^]
  • mf2fm -lots of mouse effects (sparkles, bubbles, etc), animated text and background effects and more
  • HTML Color Codes -helps you find HTML hex/rgb codes for colors
  • HTML Cheat Sheet -cheat sheet for many simple HTML functions
  • CSS Layout.io -CSS premade layouts
  • Code Pen -text editor that lets you see changes in real time
  • 10 Minute Mail -generates a fake email address with functional inbox for 10 minutes, then destroys it. Useful to prevent spam mail from random websites. I find this site works more often than Guerrilla Mail.

educational sites:

  • ToxTutor -website dedicated to entry level toxicology. I think it's well organized and simply explained, even for cellular toxicology
  • Libby -an online library app. If you have a library card, you can log in and access your library's digital database 100% free :3

free games:

  • Universal Paperclips -you are a corporate AI tasked with streamlining paperclip manufacturing. Achieve universal domination!
  • Seedship -this ship carries the last remnants of humanity. Protect them from the dangers of space, and find them a suitable new home planet.
  • What Girls Do In the Dark -[gore, body horror]- you arrive an hour late to your sort-of-friend's sleepover, only to find a darkened empty house. Where did everyone go?
  • Occult Defence Agency Budgeting Simulator -"Your organisation is in charge of defending the United Kingdom from paranormal threats. That doesn't make it immune to budget cuts, however."
  • There's a Bear Outside -[surreal horror, body horror]- a story about looking out a cabin window and seeing a regular bear outside.
  • What Happened in Addison's Grotto -[surreal horror, cosmic horror]- "The young woman saw something she shouldn't have, and now something else sees through her. It needs to be found, isolated, and exorcised. You're the only one who can do it."
  • The Devil and the Mayor -play as a demon meddling in the affairs of foolish villagers. Don't become attached.
  • The Lady's Book of Decency -[mild gore, body horror]- a gothic adventure featuring a young lady afflicted with lycanthropy.




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