--- about me ---

Name: Bee

Pronouns: he or she. he and she, even

Likes: fiber arts, horror movies, thunder storms

Dislikes: being cold, loud noises, customers, ads, self-marketing

Mood: alienated

Hello! :::) My name is Bee, and I am a little arthropod lost on the internet. Years ago I was a biologist, and then I was a retail drone. Now I live in my house and don't leave. Someday I'd like to go back to school to study toxicology, though that dream is far away.

Anyway, my real home has always been the i n t e r n e t . I spent most of my childhood indoors surfing or playing video games (some of my favorite haunts were the Neopets quiz-maker and the lemonade stand on coolmath.com), but I never had a website of my own! Now I have this place to do anything I like, and I'm very happy.

When I'm offline, I spend most of my time playing with my beloved cats, Cali and Buttercup. They are silly little criminals and I am their accomplice.

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