evil dream journal

--- World Citizen ---

I don't remember anything about the dream except that at some point I screamed UWU! at the top of my lungs, and at a different point I imitated a woman's Australian accent. Distinctly I remember thinking, they say Americans can't do Australian accents, but I'm doing really well! Somehow I suspect my confidence was misplaced. 2/10

--- Alligators of Walmart ---

I worked as a restocker in a flooded Walmart (the aisles were reminiscent of Venice streets). We would maneuver around the store and outside in the watery parking lot with skiff boats and long poles. Both the interior of the store and the exterior parking lot were dim, and it was hard to see due to what little light there was reflecting off of the water. Eventually I tried to leave and ended up stranded in an Everglades-like expanse of marshland, losing sight of the Walmart entirely. I spent most of the dream terrified of being attacked by an alligator lol. 6/10

--- Blanche Devereaux, Werewolf Tamer ---

I turned into a werewolf and started rampaging and Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls followed me into the woods trying to soothe me and turn me back human. 10/10

--- Folder Virus ---

Had a nightmare about getting a virus from a drive-by download and my computer kept endlessly creating empty folders until it crashed. 3/10

--- RPG adventures with Hillary Duff ---

I was a character in an rpg-like game, and I entered a small cave system looking for the spell "Friendship". In the center of the cavern was the spell book I was looking for. I read it and a progress bar started flashing before my eyes, until it stalled at 95%.

I turned around and saw two figures by a long banquet table in the corner. One of them beckoned me over. She was a statue; the head and hands of a woman, built straight into the banquet table. Her hands had long pointed talons.

Dear, she said, we stopped your spell progress because we want you to fetch me the newspaper.

I looked down at the banquet table and saw the newspaper--sitting right in front of her clawed hands. She was smiling. Apprehensively I reached forward, and then immediately pulled back when I saw the statue and the other figure in the corner twitch. The figure stepped forward, and I saw it was a young woman with long black hair. She looked nervous, and very familiar.

Are you Britney Spears? I asked her.

No, she said, I'm Hillary Duff. I'm the original Britney Spears. Can't remember anything else. 9/10

--- Lame Lucid Dreaming ---

I've only ever had one lucid dream, and it was sooo boring. In the dream I was at school, but it was a super fancy private school instead of my normal one. I became suspicious that I might be dreaming because I didn't normally have to wear a uniform.

And... that was it. My lucid dream was realizing that I was in a dream and then being stuck in a school hallway. I couldn't figure out how to fly or anything cool. It even got a little scary towards the end because I kept trying to wake up and couldn't figure out how to do that either. 0/10

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